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I have always had a passion for creating art that can bring a person a sense of peace and harmony.

By Rhonda Donahue

Rhonda Donahue is a gifted multi-media Artist who began creating art nearly 4 decades ago.  She began with sketching and moved into ceramic carvings and eventually into painting. 

Although Rhonda Donahue did not receive a degree in Art, she did study Art in College and has taken dozens of painting courses with master painters.  Most importantly Donahue has taken what she has learned and combined it with her natural intuitive talents to transition into a unique and different painting style.  Rhonda Donahue is in a class all her own.  What makes Donahue's work exciting and rewarding to the beholder is her careful attention to the message that each work of art gives to those that look at it.

Donahue's paintings allow the viewer to linger here and there before moving on.  Each person will experience their own interpretation.  Each of her paintings carries with it a nonverbal communication that extends from the heart and soul of the artist herself.

Using different techniques to achieve unique results in texture, color and overall feeling are the primary considerations for her work.  I believe art should make the viewer feel good and enrich their life, heart and soul.